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Ali Zoort

As a passionate software engineering student at Saint Joseph University, the primary focus of my academic path is web development. In addition to being both driven and self-motivated, I am constantly finding myself experimenting with new technologies and techniques. I am always looking to further my abilities and understanding of concepts.

Alongside web development, I have also developed a passion for algorithmics and design patterns. Strong technical skills, however, need to be complemented by other sets of skills. This is why I constantly make sure to work on my ability to collaborate with others, my analytical skills and my attention to detail. Without continuous effort, I would not be able to grow into the software engineer I strive to be.

Over the course of several internships, I have gained experience in different frameworks such as Angular, Flutter, ReactJS, React native, Spring, and more. My Youth4Governance internship has allowed me to utilize the skills I have already mastered through developing the Kite framework using Flutter, while gaining new skills that will take me one step closer to the engineer I would one day like to be.