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Bashar Ghanem

I’m a 4th year computer and communication engineer at Notre Dame University in Lebanon. From the cold alleys of the small village of Warhanieh in Mount Lebanon, I have grown with a burning passion for a career in the tech industry. Ever since I learned programming at my university, I tried utilizing every possible opportunity to explore the different paths within the industry. I explored front-end development with Park Innovation during a two months bootcamp. I was introduced to the field of Artificial Intelligence through Zaka AI after completing their AI workshop. I then dived into data analysis with Python with Beirut AI after being awarded the community aid scholarship program, giving me access to Datacamp learning website, free workshops, and community events. My journey has led me today to Siren Analytics, through the youth4governance program, at which I am an R&D intern. I am currently working on a Database Encryption project, and I’m attending several workshops and sessions to boost my knowledge about the public sector in Lebanon. I have learned a lot within this short period of time at Siren Analytics and I’m excited to learn a lot more.