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Celine Moghraby

Public policy, international law and humanitarian assistance had been the center of my interests since I started volunteering with different local and international NGOs.  

Afterward, I found that a career in consultancy and public governance will meet my purpose, so I decided to pursue my undergraduate studies at USJ, in political and administrative sciences where I was given all the knowledge and information and now, I am going to pursue my master’s degree in public law at Reims University in France.  

I realized soon enough after applying for my master’s degree that stacking information in my head and degrees in my cupboard will not give me the skills and the experience that I was striving for, and it is not the purpose of all this hard work.   

Finding Youth4Governance and being accepted in this internship program is the perfect opportunity to use all the knowledge that I acquired from my academic experience in the professional field. All of the above will create my path to achieve my goal in building a country that the next generation will not think of leaving it.