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Christelle Jarjoura

“You must keep your mind on the objective, not the obstacle”.

I have always been one to believe that in order to build and maintain a proper country, an efficient public sector is key. It was only recently that I realized just how important our role as the young generation is in the reform of our country. Despite all the hardships that Lebanon is experiencing, I am certain that change is possible and this is being proven everyday with the work being done by IMPACT.

As a trainee lawyer with a solid legal and financial background, I am hoping to leverage my skills throughout this internship program and could not be more proud to be part of this journey.

I previously had the opportunity to take part in various projects with the Ministry of Finance, as well as several NGO’s such as the Norwegian Refugee Council, Expertise France, Akkar Network for Development, and believe that this internship will allow me to properly understand the inner workings of the public sector and the digitization process it is going through.

I hold a law degree from La Sagesse University, and later on pursued my Master’s degree in Banking and Finance Law, which I graduated from this year