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Elie Helou

For as long as I can remember, technology has always been something I was very excited to learn about. This mindset has never left me and instead pushed me to pursue the career of a computer and communications engineer. From learning the basics of programming in Python, to exploring the concepts of design patterns and algorithmics and implementing them in C++ and Java at Saint Joseph University’s Faculty of Engineering, the journey to becoming the engineer I wanted to be has given me so much knowledge, that I searched for a way or place to temper my skills and use them. 

Fortunately, I didn’t have to look too far as the Youth4Governance internship program offered me the chance I needed to exercise my profession and taste the fruits of my 4 years of labor. Not only was I gaining valuable experience, working in a diverse environment and practicing an occupation I loved, I was also making a living by helping develop the public sector and the governmental institutions. 

This made me, a young university student and aspiring software engineer that had all the reasons in the world to leave turbulent Lebanon and pursue a career abroad, to WANT to stay and make my country a little more bearable to live in. I guess you could blame it all on Siren Associates’ lively atmosphere, inspiring ambitions and the unbearably wonderful people that are capable and willing to improve our country.