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Eva Abboudy

As a third-year law student at Saint Joseph University, part of my studies involves writing legal articles for Lebanon Law Review, a student-run publication. In addition to that, I recently joined the USJ law clinic.

Two years ago, if someone asked me why I chose law as a major, my answer would have probably been something very clichéd. But as time passed, I realised that my major was much greater than what I had previously envisioned.

We often tend to overlook the enormous impact of legal reforms and the legal system on state-building. An effective state relies on institutions but also on a social contract between the state and its citizens. I realised that I want to be a part of the various reforms, a part of the change, and law school had to be my starting point.

Through studying my program’s curriculum, I realised that public law and the public sector are two of my biggest drivers. By joining the Youth4Governance program, I am finally able to further expand my knowledge in these areas. The internship gave me the chance to learn from experienced researchers, while putting my theoretical knowledge to practice.

When all circumstances seemed to lead to the airport, this internship gave me a glimpse of hope: “let’s recapture the state, our state!”