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Fadi Khattar

Programming and algorithms have grown to become my biggest interests since discovering the program Algobox in high school. I was immediately hooked. I was fascinated by the potential of programming and the power that computers can reach once we give them logical instructions to follow. I would find myself spending hours in front of the screen playing around with code and contemplating with passion every output. Therefore, I knew what I wanted to do in life and applied to do a degree in software engineering at Saint Joseph University (USJ) to accomplish my goal.

Being good at mathematics and having taken intensive math and programming classes during my first two years at USJ enabled me to improve my skills dramatically as a software engineer, since solving problems became one of my specialties. Mathematics enhanced my critical thinking and improved my ability to solve programming problems.

I am currently specializing in artificial intelligence (AI). As I advanced in my career and after I enrolled in two internships and two artificial intelligence bootcamps, I was introduced to the AI field and its magical powers. Nowadays, AI and machine learning are reaching limits that were considered a fantasy a few years ago. The potential of AI is truly amazing and is achieved with the help of programming and algorithms, which happen to be areas I am passionate about and good at. Hence, I am now specializing in AI and plan to become an expert in it.

I joined Siren Analytics as an intern and I am now part of the AI team where I can learn best practices in machine learning and AI from professionals in these areas. In addition, working with Siren Analytics with the mission of providing solutions and helping the public sector to become more transparent, accountable and efficient is another aspect of my internship that I am passionate about.