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Jad Jarade

I have always been very curious about technology, striving to understand how everything in the digital world works. The world relies on technology, and I am confident that it helps make the world a better place. Because of my interest in math, physics and problem solving, in my senior high school year I decided that I would join the Faculty of Engineering at Saint Joseph University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Communication Engineering.

Over my time at Saint Joseph University, I developed a great interest in the software elements of the curriculum, and decided to specialize in Software Development. To hone my skills, I enrolled in several internships, one of them being in Silicon Valley, California. While interning at various places, I rapidly gathered more questions than answers, and I discovered that experience is everything.

I recently joined Siren Analytics as an intern for the Youth4Governance program, and so far it’s been an amazing experience. I am working on digitizing the Lebanese public sector, and I am very happy that I can contribute to making my country a better place to live.