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Jana Chazbek

As a business analytics graduate student and a MEPI-TLG candidate at AUB, I am developing machine learning and natural language processing tools to automate the detection of gender bias in children’s movie scripts, specifically in Disney movies. In contrast with existing work, this study will go beyond word frequency to detect implicit and semantic gender biases at the sentence and the paragraph level.  

During the MSBA program and my thesis, I discovered that artificial intelligence is not always used to threaten the ethical part of society and replace humans. On the contrary, it can be very powerful in catching the root causes of diverse social problems and in mitigating these problems. I also realized that the power of artificial intelligence vanishes without the use of the relevant and right data in each project. 

The Youth4governance internship will help me leverage my analytical and technical skills to improve and empower my society. It will also help me learn more about the Lebanese public sector and the Lebanese citizens, and how we are able to build connections and communication between them.