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Karen Nasr

I am a feminist Lebanese activist guided by a strict justice-based value system, I’ve always had a passion working with and for the human rights of vulnerable populations. 

I volunteered at the local Migrant Community Center at the age of 18, and then went on to become a board member at Egna Legna Besidet – a migrant-led initiative that promotes migrant domestic workers’ rights in Lebanon, Canada, and Ethiopia. Throughout my work with several organizations such as MMKN – where I taught members of vulnerable populations, Beirutopia – where I participated in the creation of a draft asking the government to increase women’s visibility in political and decision-making positions, Linear Lines -a consultancy startup in which I worked in research and development-, and the Migrant Community Center – where I offered dance classes and assisted in supporting migrant workers’ child care; I realized that the passion I had allowed me to choose my career path; working in the aim to abolish the Kafala sponsorship system – a system that is known to be exploitative towards the migrant populations in Gulf Cooperation Countries as well as Lebanon and Jordan, and fighting towards a more just system that is not guided by patriarchy.  

As a public speaker, I give conferences for migrant workers from five different communities; Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Phillippines, Sri Lanka, and Congo. The training sessions in which I share my knowledge are most targeted towards Financial Management and Business Models capacity building. 

I feel a sense of profound involvement in the reforming process of the public sector as a result of my participation in the Youth4Governance internship with Siren Associates. Through this program, I wish to improve my existing research talents and learn new ones that will allow me to grow and move forward with my career path while following my passions.