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Karine Ismail

I always had a passion for change, innovation and proactively making things happen.

When I chose to become a software engineer, I knew that this field would play a huge role in forging a path to change and meaningful reform. This, of course, fed my passion even more.

Software engineering is so much more than just writing lines of code. Over the past four years at Saint Joseph University, I was able to dive into the technical side of engineering as well as the creative and innovative sides. I worked on various projects that strengthened and developed my skills.

Having the opportunity to join the Youth4Governance internship program combines my passion for coding and acting as a change-maker to re-capture our state.

Witnessing the work that the IMPACT and Siren Associates are doing, and having the opportunity to take part in this internship, gives me hope for our country and particularly our public sector, and also allows me to be part of the change and contribute in any way I can.