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Lea Bou Sreih

As a fourth-year law undergraduate student at Saint Joseph University in these turbulent times, it may seem like common sense to leave and not look back.

However, trying to “be the change I want to see in the world, “as Ghandi once advised, was always my life motto. And by joining the Youth4Governance program, I discovered not only the hope of change actually materialising, but of also being a part of it.

My experience with the Lebanese public sector started when I began writing legal articles for the Lebanon Law Review, a student-run publication. However, witnessing action from the inside during various field operations with Siren Associates contributed to a shift in my perspective.

Combining academic research, critical thinking and strategic planning—the method we are lucky enough to learn at Siren Associates—presents itself as both evidence and innovation: a solution to reforming the Lebanese public sector. Joining this team as a research and data analyst intern is therefore a huge challenge and an invaluable opportunity.