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Lyne Mneimneh

I am currently finishing my degree in law at the Lebanese University’s Faculty of Law and Political Sciences. Over the course of my academic years, I have always been passionate about building a better country for us all, where the laws are applied uniformly and equally and the public institutions work diligently for the people, as they should.

I am currently the co-founder and co-manager of the Instagram-based independent media platform TheLawyard, which is one of Lebanon’s leading social media pages covering national and international news around the clock. My role in managing the page is not only limited to content creation: due to Lebanon’s deteriorating living conditions, especially amid the health crisis, I was able to extend the platform’s work so it could include aid campaigns on several levels. Giving back to my community has been one of my main concerns; back in 2020 I was a leading member of a food distribution campaign ‘El Ness La Baada.’ I also contributed to Lebanon Law Review, a student-led legal review website in based in Lebanon, in addition to joining Al Rawiya’s team of writers, which is the first digital magazine targeting the Lebanese diaspora.

I am incredibly thrilled to be part of the Youth4Governance internship program. This opportunity will allow me to contribute to governmental reform, as well as take part in rebuilding our country to secure a better future for all of us, which is what I’ve always been passionate about.