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Lynn Hneineh

It all started when I was representing Bosnia and Herzegovina in the UN Women during Model United Nations. Standing in front of everyone, fighting passionately for women, that’s when I discovered that my purpose in life is to help people. Therefore, I decided to pursue my studies in law in order to bring a positive change to this country by fighting and defending its citizens’ rights. 

This year, the Youth4Governance internship is targeting the poorest Lebanese families; and that’s when I thought: Lynn, you brought out the best in you to fight for women of a foreign country in MUN and you succeeded; then, can you imagine what you can do to actually bring change to the situation of the poorest families in your country? 

Public administrations play a crucial role in insuring all the essential services to citizens. However, with the ongoing financial crisis, these administrations are, to a certain extent, nonexistent. 

Public authorities tried to financially assist the most in need through a platform called Daem. Nevertheless, lots of families in need are still suffering. Hence, here comes our role to find the flaws of the selection process and give recommendations to ensure equal financial assistance for the most in need.  

Since law is an indispensable tool towards equity and since public authorities try to twist laws for their own benefit, it is our duty, as youth aiming for change, to give laws their true meaning in order to build the country we deserve.