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Majd Bou Assy

Motivated and technically competent in Computer and Communication Engineering at University of Saint-Joseph of Beirut. 

Through my years before university in High School, I was interested in problem solving, teamwork and development. I entered Saint Joseph University as a Computer and Communication Engineer with passion and enthusiasm trying to be efficient in our society. These skills especially problem solving came from the first two years at university with intensive mathematic courses as it enhanced my way of thinking in critical issues related to our faculty. So, it was nice to be in this domain to enter this real world and be a member of the developers in this field. 

With university and private courses, I was able to have knowledge on several fields because experience and discovering are key of success. I am finding myself evaluating with new technologies and techniques. 

I am happy and excited to be joining Youth4Governance program as an intern in Siren Analytics and for now I am living an excellent experience with experts. I am working in R&D field particularly Computer Vision project that is Custom Drone development. So, it is good to build a drone that could help the public sector especially the Internal Security Forces to become more transparent, efficient and essential.