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Michael Katrib

I have many passions, one of which is building software that simplifies our everyday lives.

At university, I am part of my school’s formula racing team, where I work on the electronics and software of the racing car.

I previously interned at Arqaam Capital, where I shadowed experienced banking analysts who specialized in evaluating the stock and real estate markets in the Middle East. I was responsible for analyzing several IOP’s and creating presentations that were given to clients, and helping to write three of the company’s weekly reviews of the Lebanese and Egyptian markets.

When I heard of Siren’s mission to bring about digital transformation in the public sector and implement e-government systems that make governments more responsive and accountable to the people they serve, I knew I could put my software skills to good while at the same time developing them.

At the moment, I am pursuing a dual Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Economics at Queen’s University. I am also part of the University Tennis Team and compete year-round competitively.