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Myriam Kodeih

This is the testimony of my conviction in the path I decided to pursue: being both a leader and servant for my country. It all started in high school when I was introduced to the Model United Nations conferences and won the Best Delegate Award from Harvard. Lucky being the one who can make a career out of his hobby, I ultimately decided afterwards to pursue political and administrative sciences at USJ. Not only did I grasp key notions of law and policy analysis, but I was lucky enough, regardless of the worst socio-economic crisis in the Lebanese modern history and the 2020 Beirut explosion, to “live my major” by participating in the front lines of the 2019 Lebanese revolution and the Student Council elections.  

After spending my one-year exchange in Paris, I’m back in Lebanon today in the Youth4Governance program to play part in, or even give rise to, the reform we wish to see in the Lebanese public sector. Politics may seem like a constant game of gaining power and burning through the ranks of society, but you only go higher to be held accountable by a larger portion of population, and thus actually be lowered. That being said, I’m setting my heart on becoming part of the change I wish to see in Lebanon and the way public policies are maneuvered because I have come to the conclusion that the best route to reach your own happiness is by sharing it with others.