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Nour Gerges

“Heading into my final year of law school at La Sagesse University and holding a Bachelor’s in chemical engineering from the University of Balamand, I experienced the Technical and scientific field in my first journey and now I am experiencing the passion that I always had… Law.  

 I once was told that the only degree that you can pursue that can work as a prerequisite for any masters is a Law Degree. At first, I really doubted that, but now I am close to certain that it is true as law graduates are the jokers in a card deck. They would fit in any environment. 

 With the duality of my degrees, especially that both of them have been studied on Lebanese soil, and the fact that I represented Lebanon in the Jessup Moot Court Competition (Which tackles the public branch of International Law), the Lebanese Public sector, its public law, and the Lebanese situation never stopped poking and taking a role in my activities in the past 10 years, therefore I chose to go find the source of the whispers and try to see if a student can actually change a Nation? 

 I am sure history can answer the question mentioned above and, in my situation, the Youth4Governance internship program would work as a catalyst to a much greater plain field.”