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Nour Sibai

Energetic and highly motivated 4th year Computer and Communications Engineering student at ESIB (USJ), and the Beirut AI University Ambassador. With a background in front-end development and a passion for AI, AR, and VR. I am dedicated to exploring the cutting-edge advancements in these fields.

I am a self-assured and rapid learner, always seeking to expand my knowledge and skills, my cheerful attitude and dynamic energy make me an invaluable team player, as I believe in establishing a collaborative environment where ideas flourish and projects succeed.

As the Beirut AI University Ambassador, I am deeply committed to promoting AI education and fostering a culture of innovation in our community. I actively engage with students, organizing workshops and events to enhance their understanding and involvement in artificial intelligence.

Looking forward to a future filled with constant learning, personal growth, and contributing to the ever-changing world of technology. Together, let’s make a difference and shape the future.