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Omar Otari

As a person who lived his entire life in Lebanon, I witnessed many political distress periods and periods of country instability, which engraved a sense of wanting to make reforms and chase transparency and accountability. I have always been interested in making changes and helping my community, and this feeling of urgency to help developed furthermore after the Beirut Explosion.  

Having the opportunity to participate in the Youth4Governance internship with Siren Associates gave me a strong feeling of engagement in the public sector’s reform path. This program will allow me to improve my existing talents while learning new ones, allowing my job to make a beneficial influence on my community.  

In addition, having a Finance degree from the American University of Beirut will allow me to better understand Lebanon’s reality in terms of data through my analysis to the graphs and charts collected from all public administrations, allowing people to better monitor and track its workflow. This process would transform the data collected into useful and efficient insights and would allow for better credibility.