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Perla Tannous

I am a passionate woman who has a deep love for my country and a strong desire to see it prosper in every aspect. As a young scout leader, I started developing my journey to advocating for Lebanon with a profound attachment to my homeland, particularly through my efforts in preserving Lebanon’s natural heritage, therefore, I strongly believe in my duty to contribute towards a better future.
In pursuit of this commitment, I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Political Science and Human Rights at Notre Dame University – Louaize. Throughout my experience with Statelessness at Siren Associates, I witnessed the incredible and professional work carried out by its team, particularly in supporting vulnerable people in Mount Lebanon and Beirut. I purposefully, therefore, applied for the Youth4Governance Internship because I saw it as a crucial step toward working on sustainable solutions in the public sector. I believe this opportunity will allow me to learn from experts in the field, in line with my aspirations and dedication to fighting for a better country.