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Rim El Chidiac

I fell in love with computers at a very young age and my love has kept on growing ever since. My curiosity for the subject led me to major in computer engineering, which helped me to gain the tools needed to progress and enhance both my skills and passion for this field.

During these drastic times in Lebanon, I learnt to be grateful for everything around me and learnt to make the best out of what is available. Therefore, I am grateful to take part in this internship program, which I was first introduced to thanks to the organization’s contributions during these difficult times with managing the crisis and trying to make the best out of what they are working with.

This to me, was so impressive that it felt like a wake-up call, a reminder about why I chose to stay here in the first place. There are still people who believe in this country and are willing to work for it.

I am a firm believer that tech has the power to move this country forward. I am also glad of my opportunity to work with a team like the one I am working with currently, which will help me unlock my true potential and satisfy my ever-growing curiosity.