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Romy Kaadi

Living in an unstable country, we are inclined to distance ourselves from the public sector. I was personally raised to distrust my own institutions and to rely on private initiatives.

However, I have always wanted to form my own opinion about public institutions in Lebanon, without outside influence.

I am a third-year law student in Saint Joseph University and, having decided to specialise in private law, I see the Youth4Governance internship program as a unique opportunity to be able to discover the public sector and understand its functions.

Over the past years, my public speaking skills have earned me different awards, as well as the title of Vice President of my university’s debating club. I have also developed research skills as a writer of legal and political articles for The Phoenix Daily, an online independent newspaper.

I am excited to have the opportunity to put the skills I have already acquired to use by helping create change in Lebanon, in addition to improving them throughout my time at Siren Associates.