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Ronald Abi Haidar

As a law graduate from la Sagesse University, I have always considered that a law degree can always be put to good use outside of the court, and that is way I consider my internship at Youth4Gov to be the perfect opportunity for me to implement what I learned at university for the benefit of society. 

I have previously volunteered in numerous NGOS, most notably the Lebanese Red Cross, and have had the unfortunate chance of witnessing the amount of people in Lebanon that are in desperate need of help and dire assistance in a country diving in one of the worst crises imaginable.  

As someone who has always searched for the chance to help out, especially with everything that is going on in Lebanon, I strongly believe that what we’re working on in the field, or at the office, is investing in making the public sector better step by step. As I hope to gain as much as I can from the team here at Siren, I hope to end this experience knowing that I’ve given it my best, as I owe it to my country to do so.