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Saden Al Ashkar

As an international affairs student, foreign policy has been my top interest. I’ve always been skeptical of my surroundings; I constantly feel the need to discover how every aspect of mankind operates. I’m currently indulging myself in the public sector, especially when hope is now lost, and rage is at an all-time high.  

I might be a realist, but I genuinely believe in change. The only way out is through, no matter how suffocating it might feel. Interning at Youth4Governance will allow my perspective to expand even further and help me discover how root changes can be properly implemented.  

 Despite my constant urge to flee abroad and create a new sense of identity, I’m clinging to my roots. There’s no time to succumb to pessimism, a shift in our institutions needs to be made sooner or later. Indeed, Siren Associates will help me flourish and accomplish my goals of sustainable development and societal progression.