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Serena Abi Nakhoul

In addition to having recent experience working in law offices and public sector institutions, I previously graduated from Saint Joseph University’s Faculty of Law and Political Science with a Comparative Bachelor of Laws and a Master’s Degree in Public Law. I was also selected for the International Mobility Program in 2020 at the Jean Moulin Lyon III University in France. I am fluent in Arabic, French and English.

Prior to joining the Youth4Governance program, I worked at Bakhos Law Practice where I established strategies and arguments in trial preparation for civil and commercial litigations. I also conducted research on privacy policies and GDPR compliance.

As a previous member of the Youth teams at the Ministry of Justice, I proposed and debated law suggestions on the rehabilitation and maintenance of Lebanese guardhouses under the Human Rights Department. I also attended conferences and seminars addressing socio-cultural and international political subjects as part of the Agora Club at Saint Joseph University.

John F. Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”. Based on this saying, I cannot help but feel engaged and more obligated to leave my mark. I believe I am one step closer to doing so through my position as a researcher and a data analyst intern on various public sector reform projects at Siren Associates.