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Taline Harissy

After finishing my bachelor’s in economics at AUB, I embarked upon my career journey with one thing in mind: Finding what I’m most interested in, in the field of economics. I remember, back then, having some possible academic future and goals in econometrics and mathematics. However, as I learned more about finance, I encountered a life-changing realization: Financial Economics is much more than some calculations or some finance studies; it’s the basis of our lives. In fact, making financial decisions is not always a straightforward process as time, uncertainty, opportunity costs, and information can create incentives or disincentives, especially in a world full of inequalities like Lebanon.  

It was at that moment that my focus shifted from pure econometrics to financial economics, and I decided to enter the field of finance by accomplishing my finance master’s degree at AUB. Following those events, I also realized that one of my main goals nowadays is to spread awareness about all current inequalities through the lens of financial economics. Now that I am part of the Youth4Governance internship program, I look forward to working alongside champions of change, and I hope to be able to contribute and make a difference especially in my own country.