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Zeinab El Halabi

My path supporting public sector reform started when I took a trip to central Beirut to watch one of Parliament’s extraordinary sessions – sessions that are banned from being aired on national TV.

The next step in my journey was my decision to pursue a law degree at Saint Joseph University in order to better grasp how to evaluate a country’s inner workings as a whole.

A year later, I co-founded TheLawyard, a legal blog that aims to help citizens better understand and know their rights. TheLawyard quickly turned into one of Lebanon’s leading digital news outlets post-uprising and is established today as one of the most trustworthy objective media outlet on Instagram.

This experience taught me a lot about planning. Screaming for change is the first step, but planning should be the next one. As Montesquieu once said, “to know a state you’d have to know its administrations.”

The Youth4Governance program showed me that starting from the pillars of the state is the first step towards a better state. I believe we can only make an impact with that mindset and I am grateful to be participating in this experience of a lifetime