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Nour Daccache

“I am not leaving my country” that’s what my family and friends keep hearing from me, while witnessing the heartbreaking departure of our youth, I am driven by an unwavering determination to stay and rebuild our beloved country.

Politics has consumed my heart and mind since I can remember. As a political science  student in my last year, workings of governance, the power to shape policies, and the ability to bring about meaningful change have always captivated me. But it is not just about power; it is about using that power for the greater good, for the advancement of our nation.


Among all the branches of political engagement, I find myself irresistibly drawn to the art of political communication and campaigning. I firmly believe that through strategic communication, we can bridge divides, inspire action, and rebuild our fractured society.


I have always yearned to access public administration. It is not just a career choice; it is a calling, a responsibility I feel towards my fellow citizens. the Youth4Governance program appeared like a guiding light. It has provided me with the opportunity to embark on an extraordinary journey within my chosen field.  It is a journey that intertwines my passion for politics, my love for my country, and my unwavering commitment to rebuilding Lebanon.